Pamela Ronsaville

She considers herself almost a native of Annapolis. From a background in magazine, newspaper and design studios, she and Rob joined forces and created the illustration firm, Wood Ronsaville Harlin, Inc.

Pam is responsible for the liaison between client and illustrator. Through interpretation of the client’s needs, she and the artist work together to present the best possible solution. Her 35 years of writing, layout and design experience provide a thorough understanding of expressing ideas effectively. After completing her studies at the University of Maryland, she became art director for a newspaper, layout and advertising director for a national magazine, and business manager for a design firm. Her knowledge of studio management, corporate strategy and long term planning, guide each client towards producing the best job within their budget and time requirements.

Pam lives on the Chesapeake Bay's Kent Island, along with two dogs, Millie and Collette. She can be most often heard saying, "I've got this great idea and it's already designed. All you have to do is implement it."