Matthew posing for his painting depicting conflict in a church during the time of Constantine.

"The Grave Robbers" Awarded Best in Show.
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An East Coast native, Matt was born in Baltimore, and grew up in Phoenix, Maryland and Glastonbury, Connecticut. After graduating from Syracuse University he began his illustration career. His artistic interests cover just about any subject, style and media (either traditional or electronic).

Matthew brings to our studio a highly proficient talent for creating illustrations and designs that are accurate but have a quality of life and emotion.

His work can be seen in The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History's recent exhibit entitled "Dig It! The Secrets of Soil", the National Museum of the American Indian, the American Academy of Sciences, where his beautiful line drawings were enlarged and cut into granite, and Kids Discover Magazine with feature articles on Lewis and Clark, and the Revolutionary War. For the National Park Service's publication Common Ground Magazine he illustrated an article on Paleo-Indians, and created animal illustrations, replicated stone artifacts and Clovis points for the National Geographic Society. In addition, his illustrations can be seen in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, The Nature Conservancy magazine, The Field Museum and major text book publishers. Matt also designed an Underground Railroad project for Dorchester County Tourism consisting of a driving map, 4 waysides, and three exhibits.

He was awarded Best in Show by The Illustrators Club of Washington, Maryland and Virginia and has also earned awards from The Society of Illustrators.

He lives with his wife, Melissa, daughter Katelynn, three young sons, Owen, Nathanael, Oliver, a dog and a hawk. Matt's consuming hobby is falconry.

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