Growing up somewhat of a gypsy, Greg has lived up and down the east coast. After receiving his BFA from the University of Georgia, Greg settled in Annapolis, Maryland where he joined up with Rob and Pam.

He has spent much of his working years living in the past. His historical paintings have brought renewed life to archaeological discoveries from the earliest fossil records to turn-of-the-century America. He created a series of murals for the Frank H. McClung Museum in Knoxville, Tennessee entitled “Archaeology and the Native Peoples of Tennessee”, a 120 foot mural on the history of firearms for the Frazier Historical Arms Museum, and contributed to the Field Museum's Ancient Americans Exhibit in Chicago. One of his magnificent historical paintings currently adorns the pedestrian entrance to the United States Naval Academy. His work has appeared in National Geographic magazine, books, and television, the National Park Service publications, waysides and exhibits, Readers Digest books, Kids Discover magazine, Archaeology and Smithsonian. His illustrations earned awards from The Society of Illustrators, Communication Arts, and American Illustration.

Greg has also illustrated many beautiful children books. He has brought to life such interesting historical figures such as John Adams, George Washington and Paul Revere. His most recent achievement was illustrating the book "We the People" by Lynne Cheney, which became a national bestseller.

His daughter, Hannah, who has also appeared in many of his illustrations in various disguises since she was an infant, was recently married and is a teacher in Georgia.

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pizza devilGreg's pizza eating devil, for which he modeled, was included in the Spectrum Annual of Fantastic Art.
valley forge
Greg uses himself so often as a model for his illustrations that he is starting to be recognized when he goes out in public.
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